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Nearly 40 years strong, the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization is a 501c3 member-driven organization made up of dedicated residents who are passionate about one of Maine's most historic, vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. We're here to advocate for our neighbors to keep Munjoy Hill safe, diverse and fun, all while respecting our neighborhood's past while looking optimistically to its future.

Since 1979, we've been building community and providing leadership to the neighborhood by organizing and hosting events, helping to advocate on behalf of the neighborhood's needs and concerns, reaching-out to those less fortunate and serving as a voice both to our community at large and to City Hall.

The Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization is also the proud published of the Munjoy Hill Observer, a free community newspaper devoted to informing, educating and entertaining residents of the Hill and throughout Portland.

We love our neighborhood! REALLY love it! We love our neighbors, those who are members and those who aren't. We realize we occupy a historic and beautiful community and strive to be good stewards of the special place we call home; and that's why we encourage you to become a member -- or to volunteer! We believe there is strength in numbers: strength to make a great place even better. Invest in the legacy, and in the future of one of America's most storied, exceptional, walkable neighborhoods.

News & Events

News & Updates



    It's MHNO's Quarterly Members' Meeting & Holiday Mixer!

    Join us on Thursday, December 7th, 6:30pm-8:30pm at Oxbow Blending & Bottling, 49 Washington Ave. We'll consider Bylaws changes, hear updates on our community development plan, at least one guest speaker.  Grab yourself a beer or soda, enjoy some snacks and lets say hello in the spirit of the holiday season!


    We're excited to announce the completion and presentation of the MHNO's 2017 comprehensive sidewalk audit. This in-depth study was accomplished through the generous volunteer support of Portland's Centerpoint Church. Volunteers canvassed every street of the entire Munjoy Hill community, geo-tagged faults, captured photographs of each one, compiled the data by percentages, severity. priority etc. We're very proud of it all. The audit was presented to and reviewed with City Manager Jon Jennings this week just in time for the City's FY 2017 budget process.  The entire report is available here as File 1 and File 2one file containing the scope and narrative for the data gathered, the other a spreadsheet of each street's fault issues by type, priority and location. Take a look! 



Save a bottle and Help a Neighbor!

  • Empty cans and bottles can work magic, right here on Munjoy Hill! MHNO's Heating Assistance Program is funded completely by neighbors like you who use our specially tagged Clynk bags to drop off those used cans and bottles you collect. It's a big deal for needy neighbors who need a little extra help paying the heating bill during the winter months or putting food on the table. 100% of those dimes and nickles add up to stay right here on the East End, helping neighbors who can use it. Please pick-up your bag from out front of the MHNO Hill House today. Or, message us at Info@MunjoyHill.org and we'll drop them off, rolled, tagged and ready to fill! You've got a big heart Munjoy Hill, and you're warming others with those used cans and bottles! Love lives here!

Representing the residents of Munjoy Hill for more than 35 years.