Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization

Join Us on June 23rd for Our Annual Meeting & Board Election!

MHNO will be holding its annual meeting on Thursday, June 23rd. Join us at 6pm at Coffee By Design, 1 Diamond Street in East Bayside. We'll hear from Portland District 1 City Councilor Belinda Ray and will be conducting our annual elections for the MHNO Board of Directors and the offices of President and Vice President of the Organization. Want to get involved at the Board level? Then join us! Board members are expected to participate actively during monthly Board meetings, to lead at least one committee and to volunteer from time to time. Remember that any candidate who wishes to stand for election to the MHNO Board must submit her/his name to MHNO no later than June 16th, 2016 (one week prior to the election) and must be a member of the Organization, in good standing for at least six months prior to June 23, 2016. For more information or to submit your name, contact us at

Welcome to the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization!

Community, Connections, Continuity ~ since 1979

Nearly 40 years strong, the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization is a 501c3 member-driven organization made up of dedicated residents who are passionate about one of Maine's most historic, vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. We're here to advocate for our neighbors to keep Munjoy Hill safe, diverse and fun, all while respecting our neighborhood's past while looking optimistically to its future. Since 1979, we've been building community and providing leadership to the neighborhood by organizing and hosting events, helping to advocate on behalf of the neighborhood's needs and concerns, reaching-out to those less fortunate and serving as a voice both to our community at large and to City Hall.

The Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization is also the proud published of the Munjoy Hill Observer, a free community newspaper devoted to informing, educating and entertaining residents of the Hill and throughout Portland.

We love our neighborhood! REALLY love it! We love our neighbors, those who are members and those who aren't. We realize we occupy a historic and beautiful community and strive to be good stewards of the special place we call home; and that's why we encourage you to become a member -- or to volunteer! We believe there is strength in numbers: strength to make a great place even better. Invest in the legacy, and in the future of one of America's most storied, exceptional, walkable neighborhoods.

Join us today! 


Board Meeting May 9th

May 09, 2016

The next meeting of the MHNO Board of Directors will be Monday, May 9th, 6pm at the MHNO Hill House. Our meetings are always open and we welcome members and neighbors to drop by. View a copy of this month's agenda HERE!


Empty cans and bottles can work magic, right here on Munjoy Hill! MHNO's Heating Assistance Program is funded completely by neighbors like you who use our specially tagged Clynk bags to drop off those used cans and bottles you collect. It's a big deal for needy neighbors who need a little extra help paying the heating bill during the winter months or putting food on the table. 100% of those dimes and nickles add up to stay right here on the East End, helping neighbors who can use it. Please pick-up your bag from out front of the MHNO Hill House today. Or, message us at and we'll drop them off, rolled, tagged and ready to fill! You've got a big heart Munjoy Hill, and you're warming others with those used cans and bottles! Love lives here!

Hunger happens everywhere, from the poor and homeless, to the working poor and those you'd never suspect. Hard times hit us all and the results aren't always obvious to friends & neighbors. A helping hand with the basics can come discreetly, and can warm the heart as well as the stomach. If you're a resident of Munjoy Hill struggling to put food on the table, or know someone who is, let us know by messaging us at We can help. That's what neighbors do

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