Shoveling for Seniors

We're proud to say that Portland's city-wide seniors shoveling program was the brainchild of one of our most active and dedicated longtime board members, Joan Sheedy. While the program has spread throughout the city and is now coordinated by community, we're happy to keep this much needed service alive in coordination with our AtHome on Munjoy Hill program.

Shoveling for Seniors is a vital service aimed at those 65 and older who are unable or cannot afford a service to shovel their steps and sidewalks directly outside their homes, both for safety and compliance with city code. To keep this program alive, we're seeking volunteers to connect with those who need a little shoveling assistance following snowfall. Volunteers will clear the front door area, pathway and immediate sidewalk of the front of the property only. As a volunteer, you will never be asked nor will you be expected to clear or shovel anything else, including cars, driveways, rear stairways etc. 

If you are a senior in need of shoveling assistance, are 65 or older and have physical challenges, reach out and let us know. While we can't always guarantee the service, we're working hard to build our network of volunteers to help you get the snow away from your door and off your steps.

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