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Membership has its privileges, so does supporting one of the most active, vibrant neighborhood organizations in New England with a financial gift!  For one, you get to be a part of Portland's most engaged, active and beloved neighborhood community, and to support its devoted causes. Joining the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization not only directly involves you in Portland's most iconic, dynamic neigborhood and its growth, it gets you a stronger neighborhood with a consistent, active voice that speaks and responds to the issues, changes and concerns that bind us together as a neighborhood and community. 

Unlike most neighborhood organizations, we welcome everyone, no matter where you live! We recognize Munjoy Hill has been home at one time or another to many people. That's why we not only welcome, we encourage you to join us!

Annual memberships and in-kind contributions are a very important source of operating funds for us. We thank you for your support, and we’re excited to have you on board! Neighborhood members, or those currently living or owning property within the neighborhood have full rights to serve on the board of directors, attend all meetings (including board meetings), all MHNO functions, writing and special advertising opportunities with the Munjoy Hill Observer and have full voting privileges (*for neighborhood/voting members) at membership meetings, including the election of board members and organizational leaders. Associate members receive all the perks and privileges of neighborhood members with the exception of voting and holding board positions. Diversity and welcoming everyone, that's what we're all about!

Please join or contribute today. Your tax deductible contribution goes a long way and directly benefits the organization as a whole! 

Neighborhood Member - Annual

Individual: $20     Family: $35

Associate Member - Annual

Individual: $20     Family: $35

Download the MHNO membership application or pay online using the "Subscribe" button below.

Membership Levels

Make your tax-deductible contribution today! Your generosity goes a long way in helping to keep the neighborhood safe, livable and welcoming for all. 100% of your donation is used directly toward supporting the organization and our causes and stays right here at home, on Munjoy Hill. Please make your gift by selecting the "Donate" button below and know how very much it's appreciated!

Are you interested in supporting the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization as a Business Sponsor? Please contact Jay Norris for details at

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