at Home on Munjoy Hill

Welcome to At Home on Munjoy Hill

At Home on Munjoy Hill, or AHOM, is a program in development under the auspices of the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization.  Our mission is to empower older adults on Munjoy Hill to continue living in their own homes as they age.

AHOM is a membership-driven, grassroots, volunteer-led initiative dedicated to assisting with simple activities of daily living, including access to social events, phone calls, errands, etc.

Those of us involved in the planning not only live here — we love our neighborhood and Portland and want to stay in our own homes, in our own communities. As more Baby Boomers retire, we are seeing more intentional retirements to the Munjoy Hill area.

Communities benefit when older residents can stay in their own homes.  Residents pay more taxes, give more charitably and volunteer in those communities, and there's more support for local businesses when seniors are able to remain in their homes. People thrive and remain healthier and more productive.

Our initiative includes a "Village Model" - a membership program with options, including “investment” membership. We are part of the national Village to Village network, with over 125 villages in the US, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands, and over 100 in development. Each village is unique to its community, we will all decide what AHOM will look like as we progress.  We’d love to have your input - find out more and get involved!!


Email for more information.