Incorporated in January 1979, the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization has been representing the residents of Munjoy Hill for more than 35 years.


MHNO is a representative organization that provides leadership and voice for its members, and all Munjoy Hill residents, on matters that build community and affect quality of life on Munjoy Hill. The MHNO:

  • facilitates communication on community issues
  • serves as a clearinghouse for information of relevance to the community
  • advocates with city government
  • promotes safe and livable neighborhoods
  • supports local businesses and services
  • organizes community events
  • offers financial assistance programs and other services
  • collaborates with other organizations and leaders in the community


The MHNO seeks to be the leader and “go to” organization for its members, residents, businesses and city officials on all matters affecting the quality of life on Munjoy Hill. Its membership reflects the diversity of the Munjoy Hill population as a whole; our talented and energetic members are fully engaged in the work and mission of the organization. The MHNO is lead by a board that is fully committed to the preservation and improvement of the quality of life on Munjoy Hill.


  • A community that is inclusive and collaborative
  • A community that is racially, culturally and economically diverse
  • A community where small businesses can thrive
  • A community where neighbors help neighbors
  • Neighborhoods that are safe, clean, and walkable
  • Embrace of planning principals that take into account all factors affecting the long-term good of the community
  • A community that is well-informed and that conducts civil debate

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Representing the residents of Munjoy Hill for more than 35 years.